HEXX Rod Holder Assembly Instructions

Step 1 – Pilot Holes

Step 1. Drill four (6mm – 1/4″) pilot holes using the base plate as a template.

Step 2 – Drill holes

Step 2. Drill four 10mm (25/64″) holes to mount the base plate.

Step 3 – Insert nuts

Step 3. Push two A nuts into the hex recess in the base plate.

Step 4 – Install base plate

Step 4. Push the backer plate into the four holes with the R facing down and bolt the base plate using the B Philips screws and C nuts.  

Step 5 – Attach Rod Holder to Base

Step 5. Attach HEXX Rod Holder to the base with Thumb Wheel I

Step 6 – Complete!

Step 6. Your HEXX Rod Holder is ready to use!