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Father’s Day is right around the corner(June 18th to be exact) and now is the time to get off the naughty list and straight to the top of the nice list! Dad’s can be hard to shop for – especially if they’re a minimalist but don’t fret, we’ve hand picked some of our top gifts for dad that we think he’ll really enjoy oh and by the way, All orders placed before 3:00pm CST are shipped out the same day!


Dad’s safety on the water is paramount. This is why the NaviPack is top on the list for this Father’s Day. This awesome light kit comes with everything dad needs to stay safe on the water and takes care of all the lighting compliance requirements without the need for any wiring or complicated installations – SIMPLE just how the old man likes it.


Spooling Station

Have you ever noticed how Dad perks up before a fishing trip? That’s because the preparation is part of the fun! That’s why we recommend the RAILBLAZA Spooling Station. This ingenious tool helps Dad spool all of his fishing reels all by himself. The Spooling Station accommodates a wide range of spool sizes and features an integrated braking system to keep perfect tension as his line enters the reel – No more burnt fingers while holding the pencil for you and a perfectly spooled reel for Dad.


Pontoon RailMount

Of course, Fathers Day is a special day to honor our dads but it’s also the start of summer – What better way to celebrate this Father’s Day than spending some quality time with him in the pontoon boat on the water. That’s why we think the Pontoon RailMount is a great gift choice! The Pontoon RailMount is a clever mounting accessory that allows dad to customize the pontoon boat with everything from rod holders to electronics and everything in-between and lets be honest, we all know how much Dad likes to tinker with the boat.


Camera Mount Kit Pro R-Lock

We’ve all heard dads story about the fish that got away and how “HUGE” it was. We’re not doubting him but with our Camera Mounts, he can now prove it to all the naysayers. The Camera Mount Pro R-Lock can be mounted to just about anything, has full range of motion and can be moved freely from boat to kayak or anywhere else dad wants with our wide range of mounting bases. Help dad capture his next adventure with the Camera Mount kit Pro R-Lock and he’ll soon be calling you his catch of a lifetime!


Kayak Motor Mount

“These arms don’t work like they used to”. Let’s face it – we’ve all heard dad say some variation of this at some point and if your pops is a kayak angler, the Kayak Motor Mount will get him moving like he’s in his prime again without the aches and pain of paddling all day. The Kayak Motor Mount offers a universal design that can be mounted to just about any kayak or canoe and can accommodate most transom style trolling motors.


C-TUG Kayak & Canoe Cart

Another great tool for all the kayaking dads – The C-Tug is the worlds most popular universal kayak and canoe cart and can help dad take the load off for a more enjoyable day on the water. This cart comes in a few different styles like the original C-Tug with Kiwi Wheels – great for almost any kayak and even better for canoes or the all new C-Tug R with SandTrakz for those off the grid trips.


RodRak Fishing Rod Storage Rack

Fishing Rods are like shoes, there’s a set for every occasion and with multiple fishing rods, comes the need to organize and store them. The RodRak is an expandable fishing rod storage system designed to be mounted mounted vertically or horizontally. So, whether it’s in the garage or the shed, Dad can neatly store his prized possessions with confidence.


Fillet Table

Be the catch of the day this Father’s Day by getting dad this portable fillet station. Have fresh fish and game to clean but nowhere to do it? Just like our other great accessories, this tough as nails table can be mounted just about anywhere on anything using our patented StarPort Mounts. This Fillet Table is made of high quality materials and can also be double as a grill station while out on the water, popular with pontoon boaters.


Trolling Support XL with StarPort

Most fishing boats are equipped with a trolling motor on the front of the boat either from the factory or immediately after. The Trolling Motor Support Arm XL is a easy, secure solution to protecting the trolling motor from damaging bouncing and can be removed when not in-use. Sometimes, it’s the little things that matter most.


Rod Holder II with MiniPort TracMount

Most fishing kayaks now days come with gear tracks mounted throughout the kayak. This makes mounting accessories a breeze. That’s why we think dad will love the Rod Holder II with MiniPort TracMount. The Rod Holder II can accommodate almost every rod and reel combos and with the MiniPort TracMount, can be installed tool-free on any track. Not sure if dad has tracks on his kayak? Check out our Expanda Track that allow hassle-free mounting point to any kayak or boat.


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